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Your gift makes a difference!

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Sondra and John's stories before recovery were similar. The legal consequences experienced due to their substance use disorder served as a major wake-up call to both. Those consequences are what eventually led them to Mooring residential treatment and STEP, now known as Apricity, and finally to each other. Legal issues brought them here; learning about their disease, the support and encouragement they received at Apricity helped them find not only each other, but their shared desire to live a life in recovery.

In Sondra's words, "I had 8 years of sobriety in March and my little Jonah was a year old in March. It is the time of year that I do the most reflecting on how far I have come and how grateful I am for all the gifts that a sober life has brought to me. The best gift being my little boy, and how confident I am in knowing that I am doing a wonderful job as a mother. This is something that I would not have been capable of in my using days.

Casa Clare and Apricity gave me my entire foundation to the life that I have today. The safety and security of residential treatment followed by 7 months in the Casa Clare apartment program really gave me the time I needed in the beginning of my sobriety to build a life for myself….piece by piece".

And John's words, "Things for me are the best they have ever been and are getting better all the time! Not only am I a proud Father of a 1-year-old boy, but I have also started my own tree, lawn care, and snow removal service! STEP and Mooring (Apricity) played a major part in my success, not only in recovery, but beyond. STEP(Apricity) helped me to realize that I was capable of work, that I actually took pride in my work, and helped me to progress to where I am now. Obviously none of this would be possible without first maintaining a clean and sober life and continuing to try and improve as a man. Thank you to Apricity! You guys saved a life!"