Help pave a path for all the Rachel's in our community!

Multiple programs at Apricity are available along the path to recovery. Your donations are the bricks that make the path successful.

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Life and Hope in Recovery

Rachel's addiction had almost broken her when she arrived at Casa Clare, the women's residential treatment division of Apricity, in 2015. Utilizing all the services at Apricity, she completed treatment, participated in the transitional employment program in our contract packaging division, came back to Case Clare as a House Manager, and eventually worked her way to Programming Director…..helping other women and men find the life that she now has.

A life that now has happiness, hope and a future.

That's what Rachel has found, and is now sharing, since she began her journey here. Your donations help support the only organization in the nation that provides the full range of services to treat the whole person, and all facets of their addiction, to help insure more pictures of mothers and daughters will exist.

You have the power to create more paths to recovery for more Rachel's......for more of their children and more of their families. Over 95% of your donation goes directly towards the programming that makes such monumental changes!

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